The Election of 1860

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 Going into the election many southern states threaten secession if Lincoln was elected president. (Beaver). They were not interested in compromising with the Republicans, they felt they had done this too often throughout history. The Charleston Mercury makes this very clear when it stated, “The days of compromise on the part of the south have passed. Her people are done with them. Her public men will come up to the requirements of the times, and will maintain what they have boldly and recently announced the duty on the part of the general government to protect the rights of southern slaveholders in the territories without discrimination.” (Charleston Mercury May 20, 1859). The way their state government would protect this was the only way it could and that was seceding from the union. This statement is from  the Daily Courier, “South Carolina must stand to her arms. They say no earthly power can prevent her from going out of the union.” (Daily Courier November 20, 1860). Even with these threats Northerners were not scared to vote republican as shown in the picture above Lincoln carried every single northern state. (The Christian Science Monitor June 2, 1992). Looking the map of the results one could easily say combining Douglas, Breckenridge, and Bell’s electoral votes Lincoln would’ve still easily won with his 180 electoral votes to the other three combined with 123 electoral votes. However combining the two democratic votes and Bell’s votes in some of the lower northern states that the Republican Party lost in the election of 1856 such as Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois Lincoln would not have been able to carry those states and would’ve lost the election. In Beaver’s article he says, “United the Democratic Party could’ve beaten Lincoln easily.” (Beaver).  So if the Democratic Party could’ve agreed on won candidate they would’ve most likely won the election of 1860, the south wouldn’t have seceded, and there may not have been a civil war. It is amazing to think how different our history and today’s world would’ve been had a group of people just agree on one candidate. They didn’t though and Lincoln became the 16th president with just 40% of the popular vote.(

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